Virtual Party Ideas (Become a Virtual Party Animal!)

1- Host a Virtual Murder Mystery Dinner

Who doesn't like a murder mystery (or the movie Murder Mystery starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler?) You might have played one pre-quarantine with your real-life friends, but here's a new way to play it online, big thanks to a very motivated person on the interwebs - you can find it HERE.

I am currently gathering people to play it with, as it requires 6 or 7 people. I will post an update once I've tried it!

This would be best to be played with friends that are not afraid to be silly and dress up. It's (give or take) 80% of the fun.

2- Have a Board Game Night

Jackbox Party Packs: I am constantly talking about Jackbox because it is highly entertaining and everyone I know who has tried it loves it. Only one person needs to buy it and that person can broadcast it with Zoom and everyone plays with their cellphone. Each package comes with around 5 different games. They are currently on sale (around 19$ instead of 29$) and playing the games with different groups makes it a new experience, since there's different dynamics and humor depending on the group. Jackbox even came out with instructions on how to play with friends remotely (the hustle is real!).

My personal favorites are "Trivia Murder Party" (in Jackbox 3) and "Bidiots" (in Jackbox 2).

Codenames: A great game that I would not suggest if you are hyper competitive unless you've decided you wanted to lose a couple of friends. The game is to make your teammate guess words by giving hints, it's harder than it looks! You can play the game by clicking HERE.

Scattergories: Not my favorite one, but a classic nonetheless, there is now an online version right HERE. A good way to test your brain and see if you forgot all your vocabulary (is that just me?).

3- Create a Book Club

I just started reading a book, Sapiens, at the same time as my friend Lou, does that count as a book club? Debatable, but it is the perfect time to get motivation by having reading buddies and being held accountable to not give up after 20 pages. I personally thought could not find the book after 2 days, which isn't the way to go. I did manage to find it again after 2 days of searching... yay me!

It's also a great excuse to get together for a zoom call once a week or once every 2 weeks. Also, you know, the knowledge and... wisdom, amirite?

If your book club has more members than a couple, you can prepare your questions in advance so that it's not total chaos as Zoom meetings can be.

4- Have a Dance Party

Where are you going to show off your new TikTok trendy dance moves if not at the club? Do not fret, you can always have a happy hour with friends and then go into a dance sesh to show off your moves. If the plan was executed properly, they will be mildly intoxicated and think you are a great dancer. At least that's how I do it.

I suggest having a theme like 90's R&B or 90's boy/girl bands, or 80's classics. For the people that prefer karaoke, having a lip sync battle is also a great way to switch things up !

5- Get Delivery with Friends

Host a virtual sushi night, or pizza night easily by ordering from the same restaurant at the same time. Then you can Zoom to chill together or watch a tv show or movie together while enjoying your meal.

Variants to this idea are getting each other delivery by putting in their addresses (if you like surprises like me!)

I am definitely going to do this a couple more times... I'm thinking Pho night (pho sure), ramen night and maybe caribbean night!

I personally vouch for Doordash, I've had an easy experience when there was an issue with my order (they reimbursed me and gave me credits) and they have the lowest commission on the restaurants! If I may, stay away from UberEats, their commission is the highest (30%)!

6- Have a Self-Care Night with Friends

My friends and I recently did a "mask" night. I personally realized I did not have any masks too late (oopsies), but it's really fun to see each other looking ridiculous. We paired it with a cookie night, where we ate homemade cookies we made.

I hope you try one of these and make your quarantine a bit more exciting and SPICY!

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