Uplifting Shows to Get Through Quarantine

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

If you are like me, you spend as much time searching through Netflix and Crave as actually watching the shows.

Here is a compilation of some fun TV shows to watch to help get through this time with ease. I personally prefer to skip the dark shows like Handmaid's tale for a few weeks.

1- Community - a show I just discovered (11 year late!) that has a great cast. It is about a community college featuring a lovely set of students that go through hilarious scenarios.

2- Rupaul Drag Race - this is a competition show with 14 drag queens trying to get the crown. It is truly one of the most entertaining series I have ever watched. The artistry, the drama, the humor makes this a must watch for anyone that likes being entertained.

3- The Circle US - The Circle reality show has a strange premise but the cast is lovable and you will get hooked in their antics. The contestants are living in hotel rooms and can only communicate through a messaging platform to try to be the most "popular" and make alliances to get the prize of 100k. The irony is that we are all currently also stuck in our homes communicating through messaging platforms...#meta

4- The Hookup Plan - This French show about an unconventional meet cute is light and a feel-good show. It is about a girl who is still heartbroken and her friends hire someone to date her.

5- Terrace House - This Japanese show is reality tv show where contestants search for love connections in a very natural and unscripted way. It is a refreshing format and very cute. The commentators do a great job of bringing the funny as well.

6- Master of None - a show that was very playful, innovative and artsy in how it was packaged and the issues it portrayed. The cast is fun and it is a feel-good show that will stay with you for a while. The storyline is clever and rich, especially the episode about immigrant parents. A gem!


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