Unexpected Activities to Try During Quarantine

Yes, you've read articles that told you you should meditate and do yoga...That's fine and all.

But what about some fun activities that are a bit less conventional?

No, no stop googling how to make sourdough bread !!

Here are some fun activities that you can do at home and that change up the routine.

1- Writing an Article for Wikipedia

My friend Elena is a huge fan of writing for Wikipedia and suggested to me once I started getting bored during quarantine. Instead, I started this blog, but I do think it's a brilliant idea. It is a great way to go deeper about a topic or person that intrigues you. For example, my friend writes articles on British authors and poets. The possibilities are truly endless and are personable to your interests, whether it be history, art, you name it!

If that's not your jam, I personally am a fan of "rabbit-holing" into Wikipedia and learning while drifting further and further away from your original article.

2- Make a Greeting Card

Greeting cards are a great way to use your creativity in a doable, small format. Whether it's practicing a one-line drawing à la picasso or using watercolor to paint some colorful flowers, it's going to be a fun way to channel your creativity as well as having something crafty to gift to your friends and relatives.

3- Try a Paint by Numbers Kit

Paint by numbers is great for anyone who wants to try painting but is unsure where to start (also great for more seasoned painters!). Every set is complete with the materials and is ready to use. My friend Elena is currently painting a Van Gogh paint by numbers and she swears by sets made by Reeves which are available at your local craft store (if still open) or on Amazon or Aliexpress. We suggest you go with the cardboard version, not the canvas one which is more of a hassle (ironing might be involved).

4- Learn a Dance Choreography Online

To switch things up and get active in a different way, you could try to learn a choreography through a YouTube video, for example, here is the Seven Rings choreo. It is a great way to be concentrated and focused while becoming a better dancer (or a less bad one!). Of course, you reap the same benefits if you're creating your own choreography, i.e. if you jump around in your PJs.

5- Host a Virtual Party

My favorite moments from quarantine have been the "parties" with my friends. There are many possibilities in terms of the format, here are a few that I've tried out:

- everyone ordered sushi from the same place and ate at the same time

- we played Jackbox, a virtual game that's tons of fun and can hold up a large group and is easily set up with either Zoom, discord or your favorite screen sharing application.

- a classic happy hour where everyone cheers and drinks their favorite alcoholic drink

- trivia session; there are a ton of trivia clubs that are holding them online

These social-but-not-really-social events are a great way to improve your mood and feel connected to your friends and relatives.

I hope these ideas inspire you to try something different and I hope you enjoy the quarantine the best you can :)

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