Streamline your Quarantine Skincare Routine

October 17, 2020

Although everyone is bored at home, if you are anything like me, you have become a lazy blob. This is a perfect opportunity to either start having a skincare regimen or streamline your current skincare routine. I have sensitive skin, so this guide will be useful for most normal or sensitive skin types. I have listed all the products that I personally use, which are all very affordable and effective.

Let's jump right into it, here is how to have a short but sweet routine:

The Only Step for your Morning Routine: Sunscreen

The absolute most important step in skincare is definitely sunscreen, whether it's sunny, grey or rainy outside. The reason is that multiple studies have found that it directly helps prevent wrinkles and spotting. I suggest keeping a few with you, at home, in your purse and in the car and to apply whenever you think of it.

My favorite sunscreen is the Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ as it does not leave any white residue, is lightweight and smells like lemons! Otherwise, others that I also love are the Cetaphil sunscreen, the Vichy Idéal Soleil sunscreen or this mild one from Innisfree.

What is fun about putting on sunscreen is that it does often contain hydrating elements, so you don't need to add moisturizer on top of it (we stan a multitasking product!).

How to have a Minimal Evening Routine

Optional Step: Makeup Remover

I personally am currently not using any makeup (working from home woohoo) as it does not really fit with my pyjama lifestyle. If you are living a more glamorous life than I am, you will need makeup remover. My favorite that I have been using for almost a decade is this one from Bioderma which is gentle and effective.

Step 1: Cleanser

Although some people like using cleanser morning and night, it is not necessary to use it in the morning unless you have been sweating through the night or after a morning workout (I am not a morning person, so the urge to work out first thing in the morning has never happened to me). C

The brand I recommend is Cerave, there is a hydrating one (for dry, normal skin) and a foaming one (for oily skin). They can be found at any pharmacy of your choice.

I suggest removing your cleanser with a warm, steamy towel, which will also serve as a gentle exfoliator.

Step 2: Eye Cream

Since the eye area is the most sensitive, it is better to use eye cream since the ingredients are

more concentrated. Eye creams are generally pretty expensive, especially since they come in tiny packages.

I use Mizon's Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream which comes in a pretty big format and is affordable.

Step 3: Serum

This step is the one where you can adapt it to your skin type. A serum is a concentrated product with "active" ingredients, the point being to put a potent blend onto your skin. It can be Vitamin C (although I do not recommend for sensitive skin), a retinoid which are known to be anti-aging, peptides or acne medecine.

I personally like using peptides by using the "Buffet" serum from The Ordinary. I also highly enjoy the Green Tea Serum from Innisfree. You can definitely have a bit of fun with the serums and use a couple of them alternatively throughout the week.

Step 4: Moisturizer

The moisturizer will lock in everything you have put on your skin in the previous steps. I suggest a hydrating mask, such as this wonderful one from Laneige, which is good for all skin types. A good tip to remember is to not forget to put moisturizer on your neck and your hands as well.

Laneige also makes a really good lip balm, called the Lip Sleeping Mask, which is a lifesaver in winter.


Not all products on the market are essential and the beauty industry is excellent at marketing, so I hope this has clarified which ones are the most important for a streamlined routine.

I would suggest you see how your skin reacts and give it a few weeks before you judge a product, as it can take a few weeks before it works at its full potential. Obviously, if you feel like your skin does not like a product, definitely stop using it.

Good luck!

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