Plant-ify your Living Space

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Plants are a great way to brighten a room and add some wow factor to your living space. I personally think that you can't have too many plants.

Once you're hooked, you will need to stop yourself from becoming a crazy plant lady. It's already too late for me!

Here's some tips and tricks to get started:

1- Don't go overboard on water

Last year, I asked my dad to water my plants while I was travelling for 2 weeks. Let's just say many plants did not survive the inondation that my dad created. Make sure when you buy a plant that you understand if they require a lot of water or not. Rule of thumb is to put your finger in the soil until the second knuckle and see if it's still damp or dry. If it's dry, add in water until the plant stops absorbing it rapidly. Of course, if you have the label still, keep it close so that you can follow it.

Be sure to water it more in summer and less in winter.

2- Make sure you know what type of plant you have

An important rule is to check if your plant wants full sun exposure, indirect (no direct sunlight) or shade (only some indirect sunlight (less than 3 hours) required).

If you have an apartment without sun, you should concentrate on getting plants that don't require much light, for example, the iron plant, pepperomia or the dracanea.

If you don't know what your plant is, there are a lot of plant identifying apps out there, for example Plant Snap, which can help you identify all your "no name" plants easily.

If you are a pet-owner, make sure that your plant is pet-friendly and is not toxic.

3- Maintenance tips

Dust: Try to remove dust from the plants once a month to help them breathe better.

Fertilizer: It is only useful in the summer (once a week) and is not mandatory at all.

Repotting: Remember to repot you plants every few months as it grows bigger and the roots are starting to be too long. Don't go extreme on a bigger pot, it has to be only 1-2 inches bigger than the original pot. Remove a third of the old potting mix and add a fresh layer to your new pot. Center the plant and add new potting mix until it's all secure.

Happy planting!

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