How to Give your Neck and Back some TLC

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Having chronic neck and back pain is a true struggle as it is a daily roller coaster as to whether you'll feel fine or you'll feel pain.

As most people suffering from chronic neck and back pain, I tried physical therapy, osteo therapy, massages and MDs. Since we don't really have access to them during quarantine, here are a few remedies that you should consider to give your back some TLC:

1- Get a Massage Gun

When you need something a bit more crazy - or to replace your massage therapist during this time - a massage gun is going to cost around the price of a massage session and will help immensely. I got mine off Aliexpress, but you can get it off Amazon as well. The shipping might take a bit long, but it is definitely worth the wait for instant relief.

It is a very powerful and vibrating tool that only requires about a minute to reduce pain. You can use it on yourself as well as ask a partner to use it on you. There are multiple settings and different heads to zone in on the type of relief you seek.

2- Taking a Bath with Epsom Salts #Saltyqueen or a Long Shower

If you love baths (or even if you don't!), adding epsom salts to your bath and laying there for 10+ minutes in very hot water will help back aches. I recommend getting a big pack from Dr. Teals (the Lavender Pure one is great!). Try to keep the back of your head in water as it will also help neck pain. Add a few candles and some relaxing music and you'll have a soothing self-care evening.

If you're like me and you don't love baths (I can last max 7 minutes, maybe 10 on a good day), you should definitely take a long shower in borderline boiling water (at your own risk, don't sue me :p) while targeting the areas that are hurting. It will make a huge difference.

3- Drink a LOT of Water

My doctor had said - and i quote - you should drink as much water as a camel. Weird thing to say admittedly, but staying hydrated helps with body aches, especially when you feel like you are getting headaches on top of the body aches.

In those times, after chugging 2 glasses of water, my headaches naturally lessen. So get your life together and go refill your biggest reusable water bottle!

4- Stretches and Yoga

The months where I had the least back pain were... when I used a Groupon for 3 months of hot yoga at a studio. For those 3 months, I had almost no back pain and I was in a great headspace mentally as well. The benefits of yoga are mental and physical as it incorporates meditation and great stretches. I now add in a yoga session any time I feel that my body is too tense. If yoga is not your thing, taking time to do simple stretches for the upper body is a good step to add to your daily routine. For example, this video shows some simple stretches which only takes about 10 minutes. Your back will thank you!

5- Posture

Finally, although this has been said a million times, good posture can make or break all the above, so go through your day and think about what positions hinder you, whether it be driving with your head forward, being on your cellphone with your head down for long periods or being in a bad sleeping position. Those elements should be reconsidered so that your progress is not sabotaged by a bad mattress or a bad posture!

I hope these tips help and good luck!

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