Home Workouts to Do If You Can't Do a Push-Up

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Online platforms offer a lot of different types of workout videos that are (small) apartment-friendly. After trying a new one everyday for the past few weeks of quarantine, I've noticed a great effect on my mood. The fact that you can facetime with your workout buddy is highly motivating as well. Choose one from the list below and get them endorphins!

Here are some of my top picks based on motivation, fun and effectiveness:

1- POPSUGAR fitness (Youtube)

My favorite workouts from POPSUGAR fitness are the ones where you can dance while working out, for example one is called "30-Minute Cardio Latin Dance Workout".

The instructors are having a blast and you don't notice the time passing. It's a great excuse to shake your bum-bum, although you might learn (like i did) that dance should stay in the privacy of your living room!

2- Whitney Simmons (Youtube)

I have been following Whitney for a few years and her newer circuit videos are very useful for quarantine as they require no equipment and are pretty intense!

Her goofy and good vibes are also great to feel inspired to work out and push yourself!

3- Madfit (Youtube)

This channel is newer to me but it's filled with workouts that require no jumping (your neighbors will thank you) and feature new pop songs.

Her videos are no nonsense and very fun to do, so highly recommend them!

4- Lululemon (Youtube)

Lululemon has some great yoga videos on their channel. The good thing is that you don't need to get their fancy (read: expensive) leggings to do their workouts! I think adding some yoga into your workout schedule is a great way to diversify and practice your flexibility and your core strength.

I will add in more workouts as I experiment with more of them. I hope you enjoy this list and don't forget to have fun!

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