Getting off the Emotional Rona-Coaster

This situation has been a rollercoaster for everyone, to say the least. Am I the one that feels like I am PMS-ing for the past month?

Here are a few ideas to stay grounded and relaxed throughout the chaos.

1- Make your Living Space Cozy

If you are going to spend your days and nights in the same spot, might as well make it homey and comfortable


Adding a few of the following elements can help set the mood:

- candles (my favorite ones are from Makers of Wax Goods)

- a huge soft blanket (I have one from Chapters and one from Structube) and pillows

- lots of plants

- playing some chill music

- comfy clothes and slippers

Also, make sure to adapt your living space to your new reality, whether it be creating a make-shift office corner or dedicating a spot to your workout sessions. This makes it easier to disconnect from the different "elements" of your day!

I would also suggest taking some time to declutter your space as it will also help with feeling less overwhelmed overall. As Marie Kondo would say: clean your shit.

2- Try to Establish a New Routine

A big part of the rollercoaster is due to the adaptation of the new beat we are not used to. That is why getting into a new groove of things quickly helps your state of mind.

Setting a schedule of work, workout, "social" time, walks and me time helps feeling like the situation is not that different than usual. Adding a few new self-care tips are always welcome, like journalling, or doing a face mask.

Keeping all your healthy habits (eating well, hydrating, taking vitamins and getting enoughsleep) is also important to improve your mood.

3- Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself

It's easy to feel some Quarantine FOMO when everyone seems to be making bread and becoming fitness instructors, but the feelings of stress, anxiety and moodiness are all very normal. It's not the time to think about how productive you should be, just doing the bare minimum in these times is being productive.

If you want to do the least you can for a few days, take the time to recuperate and recharge. Also, be kind to yourself and don't set high expectations. It's very normal to feel overwhelmed and like things are tough, we are in a global crisis, so allow yourself to feel your feelings. You're not alone, don't hesitate to reach out to people you know to get some perspective and rant a little and feel less isolated.

Stay real all you cool cats and kittens!

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