Favorite Stand Up Bits

Sometimes, you're in the mood for some dark dark Handmaid's tale episodes, and sometimes you just want some giggles to make yourself forget the fact that you have forgotten what having a social life is. As a proud comedy nerd, I've done the homework so you can have a few laughs.

1- John Mulaney

The "Comeback Kid" as he calls himself is one of my favorite comedians. His delivery is impeccable and truly one of a kind. Famous for writing for SNL including for the character Stefan, he is just a wholesome tall kid that knows how to tell a story - my favorite is the Salt and Pepper story, go check it out below!

Fun clips: Salt and Pepper story, horse in a hospital (spoiler alert: it's about trump)

2- Ali Wong

Ali Wong was a writer on Fresh off the boat and has original jokes that are punctuated by her (likeable) screams. I also loved her in Always be my maybe, a cute romantic comedy that came out last year.

Fun clips: Asian men, Getting engaged

3- Pete Holmes

Pete Holmes has strong dad energy and he used to have a TV show (the Pete Holmes Show) that came out with some amazing sketches. I've put below my favorite ones, but I highly recommend checking out all his sketches. He also has a podcast called "You made it weird" which has been out for 10 years which I also recommend!

Fun clips: Lightweight James Bond, Batman vs Superman

4- Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea is obviously famous now with Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but before that, she was a stand-up comedian. One of the Greats is one of my favorite standup specials.

Fun clip: Getting to know people

5- Kate McKinnon

Ok so I'm cheating a bit because Kate does more sketch comedy than stand-up, but let's just roll with it.

Kate is one of those natural people that can turn any story into comedy gold. I think I enjoy her interviews almost more than her sketches. Her impression of Gal Gadot is a must watch.

Fun clips: Gal Gadot Impression, Close Encounters Sketch

6- Dave Chappelle

I have now seen Dave Chappelle in action twice, one of them was a strange show that was a combo of him and John Mayer (yes, confusing I know). He's truly one of the greats and has never been scared of being controversial.

Fun Clips: Dave Chappelle's son meets Kevin Hart, Jussie Smollett Incident

7- TJ Miller

I started liking TJ Miller when he starred in a great comedy called She's out of my league. He's also a great stand up comedian. One of my favorite bits is his story about his brain surgery (see below).

Fun clips: Brain surgery, Impressions

My list of favorite comedians is much much longer, but this list still encompasses some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy !

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