Best Female-Fronted TV Shows

One thing is for sure: Quarantine really does make your Netflix subscription worth it.

I thought I would compile a few shows I have watched recently that have strong female characters that are frontrunners of the show. I think it's very important for women to see themselves represented in many different ways that are not the supporting role, and that are able to show the complexity of women. It's empowering and it's refreshing to see a lot more shows that can showcase this.

1- Westworld

Westworld is one of my all-time favorite TV shows. The show centers around Delos, a company who created an "amusement" park with robots called "hosts" that look exactly like humans. Westworld is one section of the park that is western-inspired. We meet Dolores, the park's oldest host and follow her as she becomes more and more conscious of her surroundings.

There are 3 seasons of the show and it is one of the rare shows that have managed to get better with each season, and creating a completely different storyline.

My favorite character is Maeve - her and Dolores become important female characters and are completely badass. Fearless and determined, they are well-rounded characters and the plot makes sure to make you understand their past, their motives and their hopes.

I can't recommend this show enough, it has action, suspense, comedy relief, sci-fi and is just a wild ride.

Watch the trailer for season 1 HERE.

2- Killing Eve

Killing Eve is a show that took me 3 or 4 episodes to get into. It's quite original which was why I decided to power through. It's the story of one MI6 agent, Eve, that is not very fulfilled by her job as a spy. With a new string of murders by a serial killer named Villanelle, Eve becomes enthralled with trying to catch her.

The two leads are both great actresses and have a great range, especially the actress that plays Villanelle. Her facial expressions are almost as amazing as mine. This show has intrigue, a lot of funny moments and beautiful locations & fashion. The outfits are just amazing, here are a few of my favorites:

The "widow but make it seductive" look

The 90's harajuku look

The "Tulle" cool for school look

So before this article is renamed "Best Killing Eve Looks", I would recommend this show if. you're intrigued by a homeland action x gossip girl fashion mashup.

Watch the trailer for season 1 HERE.

3- The Mindy Project

For something a big lighter, the Mindy Project is a comedy that was created, produced and written by Mindy Kaling. It's refreshing to see a person of color lead a TV show, especially a comedy.

I have always liked Mindy since her writer and actor days at The Office, as well as reading her books. She has a unique sense of humor and I really think the guest appearances on the show were always chosen very well. If you know a bit about comedy, you'll see a lot of fun guests like Laura Dern, Stephen Colbert, James Franco, Seth Rogen and Seth Meyers. Does she date most of them? Yes. Respect for someone who casts all funny people as her love interests!

This show is about a gynecologist working at a small office with her kooky colleagues and disastrous love life. I recommend if you like comedies like Parks and Rec or The Office.

Watch the trailer for season 1 HERE.

4- The Bold Type

This show is probably great for teens as well as young adults. It tackles a lot of "young women issues" that make the show really modern, whether it's related to friends, social issues like immigration or LGBTQ rights, or their love life.

The fashion in this show is also beautiful, which makes sense as it's set at a magazine called Scarlet where 3 friends work together to start their careers and juggle everything else. It's a very fun show and it's refreshing to see a show that has strong female friendships that are not catty.

Watch the trailer for season 1 HERE.

That's it for my list! Comment if you have a suggestion for a TV show that has strong female leads :)

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