5 Silver Linings to Quarantaine

Quarantine affects us all differently. Whether you are a seasoned homebody and are smooth sailing through all this or you're freaking out and practicing some retail-therapy, here are a few silver linings to help get us through the next few months:

1- You will probably become a chef and get a spot on Masterchef

Being forced to cook and actually use all the groceries you buy is eye-opening. Instead of throwing away your lettuce as a weekly cleansing ritual, you have to find fun and easy ways to make elaborate meals. If you're a serial going-out eater, you also realize how much money you are throwing out because you're too lazy cooking (or is it just me?).

There is no way that anyone can handle eating three meals a day with zero variety. Discovering that you can make your own butter chicken is a great way to show off, plus it's tasty!

If Masterchef does not accept your application, there's always Nailed it!

2- You will learn a lot about your needs and your limits

If there is anything to come out of this challenging time, it's a better knowledge of what your emotional needs are in order to be in a positive state. It is also the perfect opportunity to finally get that notebook out and journal, especially if that was your resolution for 2020! Jotting down your day or your thoughts or your anxieties can relieve a lot of stress. I suggest adding in elements you are grateful for which helps keeping a positive state of mind. If you feel like you have writer's block, I suggest you do a "freestyle" session, where you just write whatever you think about without censoring yourself.

3- You can create some pintastic projects

Having more time to be bored means that you have more incentive to start creative projects. Whether it be gardening, painting, drawing or knitting, having a creative outlet is very rewarding as you will have something that you will have created out of your own hands. The most important part is to have fun and not get in your head about the actual beauty of what you're making. Like Bob Ross said: "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents".

4- We Find New Ways to Be Connected

Everyone has been adapting to this change in our routines by finding new interesting ways to feel connected. Whether it be playing video games or board games at a distance, or doing virtual trivia nights, or simply virtual happy hour with friends, it's been a great time to try new things and reach out to friends or relatives you haven't talked to in a while!

I have also seen people sending each other deliveries of plants or freshly made cookies. It's little gestures like that that make people's days brighter.

5- You appreciate the little things more

Being forced to stay inside for extended periods of time makes you appreciate that daily walk you can take, or even getting out to do groceries. Going to a park becomes an adventure and having a few sunny days can make your whole week.

As well, being able to spend much more time with your family and your pets is unexpected but fun!

I hope everyone stays safe!

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