5 Fall-Inspired Quarantine Activities

Well, well, well. Look at us, we have survived spring and summer in quarantine. It's now time to "fall" into fall and find new activities to beat the boredom.

Lucky for you, I have a new slew of ideas to stay positive and try to make the most of quarantine:

1) Going to a Farmer's Market for Harvest Season

Honestly, I was never into soups until this fall. Now that I have nowhere else to go except getting groceries, I have been making soups left and right.

My top 3 soups (tried and tasted!) are the following:

- Autumn Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup if you want a flavorful and filling soup

- Leek and Potato Soup if you want a hearty and creamy soup

- Roasted Corn Soup if you want a creamy, slightly sweet soup

Harvest season is also perfect to make some roasted veggies in the oven that can accompany a nice roast, the whole seasoned with thyme and rosemary.

2) Autumn Baking...with a Friend!

Now that you've made a soup (or 5), you should get some treats in your belly.

I have recently tried to do a zoom call / baking activity and it was a great success. The annoying part about zoom calls is how draining it becomes to find new topics of information and being "on" for an hour or more.

Doing something virtually removes that pressure and makes the call enjoyable since you can concentrate on something else and feel the need to fill every silence.

I highly suggest baking a dessert with your friend or relative as it is more challenging and the result will always be impressive. I chose to bake an apple pie with my friend (HERE) and it was a very fun activity that is demanding and you can definitely catch up fully at the same time.

Life hack: if you own an instant pot, you can make quick and easy applesauce (shoutout to my friend Pat who told me about this). If you are lazy, this is fool-proof way to have a simple dessert tonight.

3) Making a Puzzle

Puzzles were one of my favorite activities as a child. I feel like we forget the appeal, but a puzzle is actually really relaxing to do. Instead of feeling constantly distracted by our phones, being able to concentrate for an hour or more making a puzzle have surprising benefits, such as improving short-term memory, improve mental speed and even reinforce connections between brain cells. Not bad eh?

4) Going for Walks in a Natural Reserve

Quarantine makes everyone feel a bit claustrophobic in our small apartments. I think that taking walks a few times a week is essential for our mental health. On weekends, it's even better to go to a national park and getting some fresh air. Let's face it, we are not as active as we used to before quarantine, so taking a break to get some exercise in feels great. It can also a great way to meet up with a friend in a socially-distanced manner.

5) Reading a Murder Mystery Novel

My favorite season will always be summer. However, there is something about being cozy under a blanket or in bed with a nice cup of tea (my new obsession is spiced apple tea) and reading a novel. I am currently reading Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie which is perfect for the colder weather.

I think that we are all a bit tired of watching Netflix during quarantine. Starting reading again is a great way to relax but also keep your brain active. Potential side effect: if the book is too addictive, you might miss some sleep over it!

I hope these little suggestions inspire you to find activities to stay healthy and positive!

Good luck!

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