5 Best Sites for Affordable but Amazing Art Prints

October 22, 2020

There are two types of people in the world: the ones that have a fully decorated apartment within a day after their move, and then there's the ones who take a year to set their apartment. I unfortunately take forever to commit to art pieces.

However, no room is truly complete without cool artwork. The good news is that there are endless choices of unique artwork if you look at the right places.

I have rounded a few of the best places to buy art online, including many from Montreal to hype local artists. Shop around in the comfort of your own home and see for yourself how accessible art has become.

1 - Stay Home Club

Stay Home Club is a Montreal brand that is self-described as "a lifestyle brand for people who have no life". They offer very original designs, both from in-house artists and contributing artists. If you like unique art that will make you smile, definitely check out their designs.

2- Baltic Club

Another local company from Montreal, it features 2 artists and their love of nature's wonders and animals. Funded in 2014, their art prints are beautiful and dainty. I honestly am tempted to get all of the pieces, because of their beauty and versatibility.

3- Redbubble

I have ordered a few pieces from Redbubble. I think they have a huge selection of art and they have excellent customer service. They feature independant artists from all over the world. The website is very well set up as you can filter by theme/subject that you are looking for. I think that this website is perfect for you are looking for something specific as you will be certain to have a lot of options. I also think that this website is good if your style is a bit more artsy and quirky, rather than mainstream.

4- Society6

I have a soft spot for Society6 as they have a lot of illustrations and paintings, which I find a bit more rare in "mainstream" websites, which have more graphic design pieces usually. This website is also great for fun and light art that will make you smile.

5- Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a great for trendy and boho art prints. The style is warm neutral colors with a touch of hippie. They also sometimes carry a selection of quirky and funny sayings, which can add some fun to your wall. If you like softer colors and shapes, these pieces are perfect. I personally think they are more appropriate for a bedroom or a hallway rather than a living room. These pieces could also easily be used to create a gallery wall since they are simple and neutral.

I hope this helped you get a few ideas of websites to browse in order to get inspired and find pieces that speak to you. The most important is to find pieces that are authentic to you and that you love. It's better to get one great piece that you love than trying to fill a room with art that is lukewarm to you!

Happy browsing!

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